Fred Meng

Hi, I'm Fred Meng, the founder of Cya On The Road, a technology company that is inventing the future of travel and making the concept of the Connected Trip a reality. I'm passionate about creating innovative solutions that enable travellers to have a connected travel experience in over 120 countries.

Prior to founding Cya On The Road, I co-founded Gokuso, a disruptive search engine that is now part of Yahoo. I have also worked as a technical lead and senior software engineer at Yahoo and Hey You App, building scalable and high-performance platforms for search engine, e-commerce and social products. I hold a US patent for user access time-based content filtering and an MBA.

I'm also an avid traveller, having spent three years on 6 continents before starting Cya On The Road.

I'm always open to connecting with other entrepreneurs, travellers and engineers who share my vision of building the future of travel. Feel free to contact me if you would like to chat about travel, technology or business opportunities.